Who is the Best Vastu Consultant in India?

Vastu Consultant is an essential practice that deals with the era of science. Mainly, it is a combination of five elements Panchabhutas (पंचभूत) Water, Fire, Earth, Space and Air) that comes with their own particular significance.
Earth represents Solid structures like bones, skin, hair, tissue
Water represents blood, urine, sweat, saliva
Fire represents hunger, thirst, sleep
Space represents fear, anger, love, physical attraction.
Air represents breathing, and the whole universe revolves around these elemen

History of Vastu

Generally, Vastu is a pseudo-science that puts valuable disclosure in the midst of nature and that allows the body to recognize the energies around them. Along with this, it permits the human soul to unseen all those cosmic creatures that effect their body, mind and life.
In an earlier period, a man may not have lived in big houses and may not have bought any properties but most of them practiced in the development of Vastu.

Vastu was considered the abode of God. As per the ancient literature, the researchers learnt that Vastu was treated as the art of constructing palaces and temples. Moreover, the origin of the art of Vastu is in Stapatya Veda (Natural Law based on architecture).



In short, Vastu is a -science that brings mental peace and nature together. Vastu consultant plays a very significant role to bring that change in Life. Many people realized their mistakes after experiencing poor results. A man usually blames his fate for such bad results. At Naksha Banwao win over your fate consult the best Vastu consultant that actual brings happiness in your life.